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Sep. 6th, 2004 @ 09:46 am Approaching One Thousand
Who'd heard that August/04 was the deadliest for American troops in iRaq since the beginning of the war? As far as I knew, and I pay attention, it was the most quiet. Not so.

Sixty-six died while over 1,000 were injured during the month of August alone.

The Republican bitch machine must be doing wonders: after the April uprising in Fallujah, conscientious rightwingers attacked the media for "dwelling" on the dead and not on the living, accusing the media of anti-Bush bias. The Repukes worked the refs brilliantly, apparently, because the media stopped reporting deaths, hence my amazement when I learned of August's deadliness.

Today, an attack too large to ignore: seven marines dead by a car bomb outside of Fallujah, tho I heard nothing of the two that died in Bahgdad yesterday, for a total of 985.

Perhaps once that total reaches 1,000 which it will by the end of next week, it will start having an effect of the election: 1,000 dead, 0 WMDs. That's if the rightwing media begins to report the dead again, and stops fabricating this sterile, stalemate type of reality in iRaq which is completely false.
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