The September 11th President

We're gonna smoke'em outta their holes...

US Election '04
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Hey, together we'll watch Selection '04 unfold.

One of the bigger themes on this board will be to observe the fall '04 search for bin Laden. Maybe of those "in the know" believe that either bin Laden has been in U.S. custody for quite some tyme, or for quite some tyme, his whereabouts have been well-known by U.S. military "intelligence".

This site will document the U.S. media's participation in "paving the way" in the hearts and minds of American voters for an intense, two-week, pseudo-dramatic approach and firefight on bin Laden's location, and subsequent capture by U.S. special forces in Afghanistan two to four weeks before the November 2 Presidential Election, for which Bush will take credit, proving, with the mindfuck of U.S. media, that only HE can keep your water supply from being poisoned.